BOKURA, the reality-bending co-op-only puzzle adventure developed tokoronyori and published by Kodansha Games Creator’s Lab, hits Switch on Friday, August 9th 2023.

Run away from home with a friend in a collaborative journey only playable with two players. See the world from different perspectives while inhabiting the same space, and communicate via voice chat to solve mind-bending puzzles that appear differently on each screen. Talk through pivotal decisions and devise a path forward in a conversational journey that is lived as much as it is played.

There is no “correct” decision to make; there is only the agreed-upon direction between friends. Unravel a branching narrative with multiple endings. Enjoy added features in the 1.0 version including cross-platform co-op, overhauled final stage puzzles, and a playable epilogue that explores the runaway boys’ future.

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