DROS' upcoming Challenge Update showcased

Looking for something a little tougher?

03 August 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Dros is getting a major update that includes new challenges to access after finishing the game. This update includes fun mini-level challenges like: tracking the distance moved, taking no damage, how speedy you are, the number of jumps you take, how many switches you do between the characters and much more. Players will be able to enable individual trackers and counters to challenge themselves in every level.

Dros is a single player adventure set in a strange world of misused alchemy. A slimy little creature and a wayward bounty hunter will form a reluctant partnership of survival. Together, they must journey upwards through a crumbling Tower ruled by a conniving Alchemist. There’s many odd characters to meet along the way, mysterious treasures to collect and lore to unlock.

We’re not sure of the Switch release date for this Challenge update, but we’ll bring you full details once they are available.


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