As you no doubt know, the 3DS eShop has been closed for quite some time now. You’d think that would be the death knell for the platform, but apparently there are still thousands of people gobbling up software.

Nintendo shared their Q1 financial data for Fiscal Year 2024 in a recent report, and it included updates on hardware and software totals for not just the Switch, but legacy platforms as well. That included the 3DS, which has remained at just shy of 76 million units sold worldwide.

The software side of things is a bit of a different story. Despite the 3DS eShop being dead and buried, 3DS owners still purchased another 200k units of software for the platform. With the digital avenue being closed, customers were heading out to retail or making online physical purchases for their 3DS. Looks like there’s still some love out there for Nintendo’s last-gen portable!

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