Roguebook, the roguelike deckbuilder from the creator of Magic: The Gathering, has made its way to Switch today. You can pick up the standard version for $25, or the Deluxe Edition for $31.50. The Deluxe Edition packs in the following extra goodies.

  • Fugoro, Merchant of Wonders: Recruit Fugoro, a new playable hero, and unlock 50 new cards, talents and treasures to combine.
  • Alternate Art Pack: Rise to the challenges in the Roguebook with class thanks to 3 card backs and 10 exclusive alternate card illustrations.
  • Roguebook - Hero Skin Pack: Dive into the Roguebook in style with these 4 exclusive hero outfits. Includes one alternate outfit each for Sharra, Sorocco, Seifer and Aurora.

Roguebook takes place in the enchanted world of Faeria. In the game, players choose 2 heroes amongst the 5 available and form a team to take on the legends of the Roguebook, a cursed book whose existence threatens all living creatures.

Unlike other games of this type where refining your deck is one of the most common strategies, Roguebook encourages players to build as big a deck as possible to unlock unique skills for your heroes. These skills can be crucial to the success of your quest!


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