The Switch tops 30 million units sold in Japan

The Switch can't be stopped!

03 August 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

As we shared earlier today, the Switch has sold just shy of 130 million units worldwide. That figure includes sales totals up to June 31st, 2023, but the real total is higher than that, as we’re already into August. There’s no doubt the Switch has sold 130 million units so far, and a sizable chunk of that tally comes from Japan.

Just a few hours ago, we shared the weekly sales data for Japan, and that included software and hardware numbers. In the last week, the Switch OLED sold 56,212 units, with the original Switch moving another 14,543 units, followed by the Switch Lite at 7,571 units. That amounts to another 78,326 Switch units sold over the last 7 days in Japan.

That number was enough to push the Switch to a whopping 30,083,509 units sold in Japan alone. As if Nintendo didn’t hit enough milestones in their Q1 report for Fiscal Year 2024, they now have yet another feather in their cap to kick off Q2!

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