We’ve seen LEGO and Nintendo team up for a long line of Mario-related products, as well as a series of Donkey Kong options as well. It’s clear this collaboration is making big bucks for both sides, and they certainly aren’t going to stop teaming anytime soon. What are they working on next? Well, that’s where the latest rumor comes in.

Word on the street is that Nintendo and LEGO will be collaborating to create a series of Animal Crossing-themed LEGO products in the near future. According to the leak, there will be 5 different Animal Crossing products at launch, and they range from $15 to $75. Apparently, we can expect these to arrive sometime in March 2024.

Nintendo and LEGO love to make announcements about their next collaborations in August, so if this team up is indeed the real deal, we might be seeing an official reveal in the very near future. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for more information and hopefully bring you confirmation soon.

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10M ago

Animal Crossing, like many other Nintendo properties, would fit really nicely with Lego. I can imagine exterior homes with yards, home interiors with movable furniture, and even popular town buildings like the Town Hall or Nook's store.

I just wonder which animals would get their own Lego renditions.


10M ago

How does $15-$75 convert to Bells?


10M ago

I'm still waiting for that Deku Tree set.