Back in September of last year, Pokémon Co. announced the Pokémon Music Collective, which sees musicians using sounds from the world of Pokémon to create new music. In the announcement, Pokémon Co. said they planned to share creations from a variety of artists and genres as part of this initiative. The first track released back on Sept. 14th, 2022 and the second followed July 12th, 2023. Today, the third song has been released.

The third song for the Pokémon Music Collective is called “Pokémon Party,” which was created by Chinese artist Lay Zhang. We’ve already seen a couple of teases for the song and the music video, but now the full release is available. You can check out the tune above!

Zhang Yixing, known professionally as Lay Zhang or simply Lay (Korean: 레이), is a Chinese singer, rapper, songwriter, dancer, actor, producer and a businessman. Zhang first gained recognition for participating in the Chinese television talent show Star Academy in 2005. He later debuted as a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy band Exo and its Chinese sub-unit Exo-M under SM Entertainment in 2012. In 2015, Zhang founded a personal agency for his solo activities and music releases.

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