Kazutaka Kodaka is the man behind the Danganronpa series, along with the recently-released Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE. Kodaka has made quite a name for himself, and now you can hear more from the man himself in a new video interview.

During the interview, Kodaka has a lot to say about the Danganronpa series, which he says was inspired by the manga Dragon Head and The Drifting Classroom, along with the original Battle Royale novel. According to Kodaka, he puts a meticulous amount of planning into his stories, and loves hearing when players get so hooked that they finish one of the installments in a single sitting.

On the Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE side of things, Kodaka goes into detail about the voice recording sessions for the game. It turns out there were quite a few retakes with this title, as the script was constantly in flux throughout the game’s 6 years of development.

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