Team17 has started sharing ‘Weapon Showcase’ videos for Blasphemous II, and they’re kicking things off with a look at the Praying Blade. This is a versatile and deadly weapon that is empowered by the blood of its wielder.

The Game Kitchen and Team17 Digital have previously announced that Blasphemous 2 will head to Switch on August 24th, 2023. Physical editions of Blasphemous II will be available in Europe for Switch, and in the US on September 15th, 2023.

Featuring three unique weapons to acquire and master, and an enhanced skillset to choose from, players will have to use these new tools to survive and explore a land hell bent on sending them back to the grave. Monstrous enemies and challenges lurk around every corner, and The Penitent One must face them all in his mission to stop the prophetic birth of a new Child of the Miracle while collecting scattered pieces of lore, unpicking long forgotten secrets, and avoiding death’s final embrace time and time again.

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