KOEI TECMO and developer GUST Studios recently released Atelier Marie Remake: Alchemist of Salburg on Switch. This re-imagined take on the classic title includes all-new graphics along with plenty of new elements to enhance the gaming experience as KOEI TECMO celebrates the 25th anniversary of the beloved Atelier game series. It seems critics were pretty happy with this revamp, too, as you can find out in the accolades trailer above.

In Atelier Marie Remake: The Alchemist of Salburg, players are reintroduced to Marie, a struggling student at the Royal Academy of Magic, whose teacher lends her an alchemy atelier for her upcoming graduation exam. Marie’s ultimate goal is to create an item within five years that will satisfy her teacher, but to do this, she’ll need to improve her alchemy skills, gather materials, and earn money for reference books and tools, as well as hire adventurers. Where to start is up to the player, as they’ll be able to navigate the game at their own pace in this carefree adventure, with the ultimate goal to graduate from the academy.


Along with that, the official website for Atelier Marie Remake: Alchemist of Salburg has some free goodies up for grabs. If you’re interested in snagging some avatars or wallpapers for your mobile/PC, you can find them here.

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