Back in February of this year, Square Enix revealed that they were going to take one of four iconic scenes from Final Fantasy VII and translate it into LEGO. Fans voted on which scene they wanted to see get the LEGO treatment, and today we’ve learned which choice won.

As you can see above, Square Enix has taken the Final Fantasy VII ‘Sector 5 Slums Church’ scene and turned it into a wonderful LEGO tribute. Just like Square Enix originally announced, this LEGO set isn’t going to be put up for sale, but all hope’s not lost. There are two versions in existence, and you have a chance to win one of them.

In order to enter the running for this LEGO creation, all you have to do is follow Square Enix on X, and then like/retweet the following post. If you’d like to see all the official details on this contest, you can find them here.

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10M ago

What's wrong with Clouds face? It doesn't look right !!


10M ago


Ha, definitely one of those perspective things. When you first look at it, it definitely seems off!


10M ago

It looks bad no matter how you look at it. Never understood the appeal of LEGO since everything just


10M ago

"Urban Dictionary: brick up
To have an outrageously hard erection, or excited."

.. does OP know?


10M ago


I am the OP...and let's just say that I love my puns!


10M ago

The translation into Lego here isn't horrible, but I feel an actual Lego designer could have done considerably better.


5M ago

I actually legit won this 😂😂😂😂😂👌😁🙏