Today eastasiasoft is thrilled to announce that horror-themed action-adventure Kwaidan ~Azuma manor story~ will soon receive physical release for Nintendo Switch. Pre-orders open with online retail partner Play-Asia later this week on Thursday, August 10th at 11:00pm Hong Kong time (11:00am ET / 8:00am PT / 4:00pm UK).

Kwaidan ~Azuma manor story~ blends classic Asian folklore and survival horror elements with 3D exploration and point-and-click investigation, presented in a nostalgic cel-shaded polygon art style. Players assume the role of a young shrine maiden trained to exorcize the demonic terrors that have overrun the manor in hopes of saving the family that has lived there for ages. The experience can be customized with a choice of classic “tank” controls or various modern gameplay options.

Kwaidan ~Azuma manor story~ is originally developed by Gudouan and DICO and will be published in physical release by Eastasiasoft Limited in partnership with Rainy Frog. Limited Editions will include the game, manual, soundtrack CD and numbered certificate in a collector’s box. Standard copies will also be available as an open pre-order.

It is the dawn of the Showa era, Japan in the 1930s. In a rural manor, a very long night is about to begin. Explore the depths of the Azuma Manor, fighting off devilish Yoki while avoiding traps and solving devious puzzles as you strive to save the Azuma family. Kwaidan ~Azuma manor story~ mixes classic 3D horror action with point-and-click adventure for an experience that’s equal parts fresh and nostalgic. With no guns, strategy is required to take on the Yoki in close encounters using traditional weapons and exorcism tools such as naginata, magatama and a mirror that releases a deadly aura.

As you explore the grounds of the mansion, you can call up a cursor to examine points of interest and discover items to aid you in your quest. Kwaidan ~Azuma manor story~ is a unique blend of action-adventure with suspenseful survival scenarios. Retro polygon graphics invoke the style of genre classics with movie reel presentation. Select between Origin Mode for authentic “tank” controls or Modern Mode for standard analog movement and a new subtle cel-shaded look.

Key Features:

Freely explore in third-person 3D style! Engage in real-time combat against fiendish Yoki. Investigate using point-and-click elements to discover clues and useful items! Enjoy retro polygon aesthetics and a subtle cel-shaded visual style. Customize the experience with classic “tank” controls or modern gameplay options!


There will be both a standard and limited edition release for Kwaidan: Azuma Manor Story, and here’s what you’ll find in the Limited Edition.

  • Kwaidan Collector’s Box
  • Kwaidan Game (region free)
  • Kwaidan Manual
  • Kwaidan Original Soundtrack CD
  • Kwaidan Certificate
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