As you all know, a Pokémon Presents is set to air tomorrow at 9 AM ET, and it’s going to bring us over a half hour’s worth of Pokémon news. Less than 24 hours from that presentation, it appears we may have a peek at some of the content that will be discussed.

A Switch Online advert has popped up in Japan, and it shows both something we already knew about, and something we didn’t. First up, a Psychic Mewtwo Tera Raid Battle is shown for Pokémon Scarlet/Violet. This hasn’t been announced by Nintendo or Pokémon Co. yet, but there’s been plenty of speculation about it. Tomorrow seems like the perfect place to make this official.

Along with that, we see another image of the Pokémon Trading Card Game from the Game Boy Color. We’ve known for awhile now that this title would see release via Switch Online, but we don’t know when. With the game popping up in a new advert, you’d have to think the release is right around the corner. Hopefully we get a confirmed release date tomorrow!

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