In-store events provide exciting opportunities to socialize (and battle!) with fellow Pokémon enthusiasts. And promotional Prize Packs distributed at Play! Pokémon events—including Leagues, League Challenges, League Cups, and more—add to the fun. Just in time for 2023 Pokémon World Championships Series Celebration Tournaments, the Prize Pack Series Three will be available starting August 14, 2023, at participating retail locations.

Each Prize Pack contains six cards taken from a pool of about 200—all of which are legal in the Standard format. They include everything from popular Pokémon to exclusive foil upgrades of tournament staples, all featuring the special Play! Pokémon logo. Here are just some of the exciting cards you can expect to find in Series Three:

  • Gardevoir ex
  • Lugia VSTAR
  • Arceus VSTAR
  • Radiant Greninja
  • Nest Ball (exclusive foil version)

Prize Pack Series Three has a limited duration as Series Four will become available in February 2024. For both competitive and casual Trainers, Prize Packs offer an exclusive path to build your collection while making the most of Play! Pokémon events at your local game store. How Prize Packs are distributed varies from location to location. The more active your events are, the more Prize Packs will be available, so be sure to attend as many events as possible.

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