PlatinumGames details the Bayonetta 3 physical OST release

Over 8 hours of music in 1 package

07 August 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 1

PlatinumGames has been sharing dev blogs on Bayonetta 3 ever since the game released, and they’ve all focused on the creation of some element of the game. We’ve seen posts on the graphics, art, gameplay mechanics, monster designs and so on, but today’s post is a little different. While there have been features on the Bayonetta 3 before, this one in particular is about the physical soundtrack release.

This time around, PlatinumGames’ Naofumi Harada takes us through the physical release of the Bayonetta 3 OST, which only saw release in Japan. According to Harada, this project was the culmination and symbol of the team of composers in a sense. Harada says the team is truly elated that they were able to release this amazing soundtrack, which features 265 songs, making for over 8 hours of content across 8 CDs.

To read more about the sizable amount of work that went into making this physical soundtrack release a reality, check out the full blog here.

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mock turtle

10M ago

That's super fucking great but where's the Bayonetta Origins OST? The B3 OST has been out since March.