Earlier today, we found out that Red Dead Redemption is making its way over to the Switch on August 17th, 2023. This isn’t a full-on remake of Red Dead Redemption, but more of a modest overhaul. That was on display in the debut trailer that was shared a few hours back.

Wondering just how different visually this Switch version of Red Dead Redemption is compared to the original release? The video above shows off the gameplay from today’s trailer and compares the exact same scenes from Red Dead Redemption on Xbox 360. Give the video a watch and see what you think.

Red Dead Redemption on Switch will be priced at $50. Do you feel this is a fair price for what Rockstar is offering?

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10M ago

Never played the game, but I understand it hails from 2010. Switch ought to be able to knock this out of the park in performance, even with a resolution bump and improved textures. Guess it all comes down to the devs who are porting it and whether they are any good.
I noticed the shots with skies/clouds in them looked worse on the Switch screenshots. Hmm. Otherwise, it seems fine. I’d buy the physical for $20. I was never interested in the world of GTA, but this I could get into I think. Hopefully it impresses on Switch.


10M ago

I think $50 is way too high. That said this title is probably priced high so they can put it on sale constantly.