A “Single Title Event” broadcast has been announced for the Tales of series to be streamed on August 10th at 8:00 p.m. Japan Time.

Using google translate on the above Tweet it’s hard to determine what exactly is being announced at this event.

🎊 Single title event announcement 🎊

Scheduled to start distribution at 20:00 on Thursday, August 10 ⏰

“Tales of” series title single event announcement live distribution! !

New event announcement live distribution decided ‼ For details, please look forward to the program ✨

▶ Appearance Masaya Onozaka Viva ☆

The phrase “single title” seems to imply a new game announcement but the wording is so vague it’s hard to determine. We will post a link to the livestream below if you want to see what this might be and if anything Switch related is announced we will be sure to post about it here!

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