Now that Digimon Survive has been given a release date (July 29th, 2022), Bandai Namco is sharing some new details on the game itself. A number of different mechanics and gameplay features have been explained, and you can find a bullet point breakdown of the info below.

  • player choice will change the story
  • player choice will also impact how Augumon will Digivolve
  • player choices can appear in the middle of conversations with characters
  • the “Free Action” system will allow players to choose where they would like to go and who they would like to talk to within a limited time frame
  • “Free Action” allows players to strengthen their relationships with characters, and freely explore areas
  • “Search Action” lets players chat with other characters and make decisions concerning important situations
  • players will have the opportunity to discover hidden Digimon, items, and even quest-related items by taking pictures of suspicious places
  • this is done through the use of an in-game smartphone

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