Overwatch 2: Invasion 'New Support Hero, Flashpoint, and More' trailer

The next big thing in Overwatch 2 is almost here

08 August 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

An all-new adventure begins.

Experience the next chapter of the Overwatch saga in Invasion Story Missions, unleash solar power as the newest Support Hero Illari, fight for control of two new maps in the new permanent game mode Flashpoint, and so much more.

On August 10, answer the enigma, John Cena’s call with the Overwatch 2 Ultimate Invasion Bundle featuring permanent access to the Invasion Story Missions, the Invasion Premium Battle Pass featuring over 80 tiers of cosmetics, including an all-new Mythic skin for Ana, 20 Battle Pass Tier Skips, 2,000 Overwatch Coins, and two exclusive Legendary Null Sector themed skins for Cassidy and Kiriko.

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