Ultra Pro Wrestling, the highly-anticipated video game developed by Hyperfocus Games, has officially announced the addition of a true wrestling legend to their roster. Arn Anderson, renowned for his extraordinary career in the wrestling world, is set to make his mark in the digital squared circle as a downloadable character (DLC).

Arn Anderson’s inclusion in Ultra Pro Wrestling is a testament to the game’s commitment to honoring wrestling history and celebrating the iconic figures that have shaped the sport. Fans will have the opportunity to step into the shoes of the “Enforcer” and relive legendary battles in the ring.

To ensure the ultimate experience, Ultra Pro Wrestling has also secured the rights to the unforgettable entrance theme, “Coast,” famously used by the Four Horsemen and Arn Anderson during his illustrious tenure in WCW. This iconic theme, performed by the talented Paula Riordan, will set the stage for Arn’s digital domination.

“We are incredibly thrilled to welcome Arn Anderson to Ultra Pro Wrestling,” said Sam Vallely, Founder and Lead Developer at Hyperfocus Games.

“Arn’s legacy and impact on the wrestling industry are undeniable, and we are dedicated to representing him in the most authentic and respectful way possible. The addition of ‘Coast’ by Paula Riordan only amplifies the excitement, and we can’t wait for fans to experience this epic collaboration.”

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10M ago

Im interested in this game as it looks to be more faithful to the N64 era of wrestling games for which I really liked. The current WWE2k23 game just has something missing for me that I cant define. Maybe this will fill that space. AKI and THQ cranked out some good wrestling games back then.