In recent weeks, a lot of rumors have popped up about the successor to the Switch. Absolutely nothing is confirmed at that point, but that hasn’t stopped some big names in the game industry from discussing a supposed direction.

You may have heard rumors of third parties not wanting the Switch successor to be backwards compatible with the Switch. This is because third parties worry that giving players the ability to play Switch games on a Switch successor would hurt sales of brand-new, Switch successor-exclusive titles. Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick was asked about his thoughts on Switch successor backwards compatibility by Games Industry, and you can see his comments below.

“You need to give consumers what they want and optimize their experience, and you can’t not deliver a feature you’re able to deliver so as to maximize sales. That isn’t fulfilling your contract with consumers. You have to do the very best you can for them. I suppose it’s possible the lack of backward compatibility could enhance your revenue for a period of time, but at what cost?

We’re not a hardware manufacturer so we don’t get to make those decisions. But I think if you can be compatible technically, then you want to be. However, in certain instances if the leap forward is great enough, that’s not a possibility.”

[Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick ]

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the schaef

10M ago

"you can’t not deliver a feature you’re able to deliver so as to maximize sales."

um... apparently you haven't seen Nintendo's virtual console strategy over time.


10M ago

@the schaef

strategy? what strategy? If it keeps changing it's not a strategy.