BOKURA, the reality-bending co-op-only adventure developed by Kodansha Games Creator’s Lab with more than 90,000 downloads since its Steam Early Access release in February 2023, is now available on Switch.

Journey hand-in-hand with a friend thanks to cross-platform support across PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android in the new 1.0 release. Glimpse the boys’ future in the all-new playable epilogue, and experience an altered ending in the final stages with refreshed puzzle mechanics.

Two boys with a penchant for adventure run away from home, but the sight of a dead deer causes them to lose consciousness. Upon waking, the pair realizes that despite occupying the same space, they each perceive the world differently, their realities forever altered. One sees a lush world full of greenery and animals, while the other inhabits a machine-filled existence filled with robots.

Embark on a collaborative co-op-only adventure, communicating via voice chat to navigate bi-dimensional puzzles with only half of reality within reach. Observe details from both player’s surroundings, interact with artifacts in each world, and devise an agreed-upon plan on how to move forward.

BOKURA goes beyond a simple puzzle game; it’s an adventure to live through conversation with a friend. With no “right” or “wrong” way to play, only by discussing and working together will the path forward manifest. Wander down unexpected paths ion a conversational journey, and witness a touching branching narrative story that changes with every choice, leading to multiple endings.

BOKURA is now available on Switch for $5.49, with English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese language options.

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