Mondealy launches for Switch today

Inspired by Undertale

09 August 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Mondealy has arrived on the Switch today. If you purchase the game before Aug. 16th, 2023, you can get 15% off the normal price, dropping things down to $10.19. Mondealy takes up 301 MB of space.

The events of this 2D adventure unfold in the kingdom, located right below your home town. Get to know its inhabitants, enjoy the sights, and flow with the unusual story of this world. In the fantasy world of Mondealy, one beautiful night, you find yourself in an underground kingdom called Dargratt. You quickly get to know its inhabitants and even the princess herself, with whom, later on, there are many adventures to be had. You can learn many details about the characters, their relationships and the world itself. So what misfortunes may await the characters in such a magical and picturesque kingdom?


• A wide variety of characters who welcome you into their kingdom and will be happy to meet you! (some will be happier, than the others)

• Plot filled with mysteries, personal stories, comedy, tragedy and much more.

• Four different looking districts of Dargratt, each with their own looks and vibes.

• Mondealy’s finale is the same all the time, but your path to it is unique. The game provides you with different opportunities, which you can take advantage of or ignore, and different events and conversations in which you decide where to take this developing story.

• Mondealy has an emphasis on detail - many little dialogues and text descriptions, character reactions and unique scenes. Your followers may comment on your surroundings, or react to a situation, or they may tell you about their relationships with other characters you know. The world of Mondealy tries to be open to all your silly and spontaneous ideas.

• Collectible tapes with game’s soundtrack, which you’ll need to find, and many other collectible items!

• An extensive gallery filled with unique pictures of various characters and descriptions about their design, personality and relationships.

• A huge variety of music in different genres and tempos.

• A variety of picturesque places for those who love to relax and enjoy the game views.

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