Journalist Dan Ackerman, EiC of the website Gizmodo, is going after Apple and The Tetris Company with claims that the duo’s Tetris movie rips off his 2016 book, The Tetris Effect.

The lawsuit is specifically going after Apple, the movie’s producers and screenwriter, and the Tetris Company to snag millions of dollars in damages. Ackerman says that Apple’s Tetris movie is an adaptation of his book, The Tetris Effect, and this adaptation was done without his permission.

Ackerman’s lawsuit relies on three specific claims. First up, Ackerman says his book first framed the story of Tetris as a Cold War thriller. Second, Ackerman says the film adapts his book scene-by-scene throughout its runtime. Third, Ackerman claims he sent his book to The Tetris Company’s CEO back in 2016, and development of the film started in 2017.

Apple and The Tetris Company haven’t commented on these allegations, but we’ll bring you a statement if they offer one.

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