Vigor has been updated to Ver. 16.0. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Main Features & New Additions:

  • Chronicles: Damnation arrives to the Battle Pass
  • New weapon: FG 42
  • Boosted rewards for the Airdrop: earn Crowns and Fireworks along with higher tier Crates with the Better Crate Booster!
  • Improved matchmaking
  • Higher drop rates for Weapon and Consumable Plans in all Crates
  • New Looting, Crafting, and Shelter Improvement Seasonal Challenges added
  • Buried Cache reworked and improved
  • Grenade-throwing mechanics and Flash Grenade improved
  • Cosmetic Store has been changed to General Store, with Plans available
  • New Premium Pack: Elite Charger Pack has arrived

Gameplay, Maps, Weapons and and Consumables

  • Fixed: Fully boosted lobbies with more than 12 players lead to lower rewards
  • Fixed: Missing table in Myren caused floating objects
  • Fixed: Collisions and surface of specific windows in Myren which caused them to be un-interactable
  • Fixed: Missing collisions for forest and danger signs in Myren
  • Fixed: Ammo disappearing when reloading is now less prevalent
  • Added: New Buried Cache spawn points in Kjerstin
  • Added: New Buried Cache spawn points in Fiske Fabrikk
  • Added: New Buried Cache spawn points in Fjellkanten
  • Added: New Buried Cache spawn points in Dverg Forest
  • Added: New Buried Cache spawn points in Myren
  • Added: Warning widget will be displayed to the player if no loadout is selected in Elimination
  • Tweaked: Collisions of the warehouse building on Myren improved
  • Tweaked: Adrenaline Shot effects on speed lowered

Shelter, Menus, Shooting Range, Customizations

  • Fixed: Battle Dress Uniform causes character archetypes to run sideways
  • Fixed: Onboarding login rewards for new players not displayed properly
  • Fixed: M67 Frag Grenade Spanish localization
  • Fixed: Slow Clap emote caused clipping on specific archetypes
  • Fixed: UI cluster/overload caused by challenge progression for healing or damage challenges
  • Fixed: “Unkillable” Shootout Seasonal Challenge progress does not display after a Shootout match
  • Fixed: Text incorrectly wrapped in Shootout scoreboard
  • Fixed: Game Guide showing incorrect translations in different languages
  • Fixed: Bilingual text shown after switching between English and German
  • Fixed: Boosting weapon crafting closes the sub-tab
  • Added: “Craft Instantly” button in the crafting menu after boosting weapon crafting
  • Added: Rotating Shooting Range challenges can be now paused by shooting in the middle of the wheel
  • Changed: Prices of instant crafting for weapons have been reduced
  • Tweaked: Apparel listed in the Store is now alphabetically sorted

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