Model/actress Hunter Schafer has been the talk of the town with Zelda fans on social media lately. It all started with Tiktok (seen above), where one creator on the app suggested that Hunter Schafer would be the perfect person to cast as Zelda in a live-action Legend of Zelda series. So many people agreed with the fan-casting that the Tiktok went viral, and then the idea spread to YouTube, Twitter, and other social platforms. Now the push has gone so far that it’s actually reached Hunter Schafer herself.

Entertainment Weekly caught up with Schafer at a red carpet event, and they asked her about the Zelda movement. While Schafer hadn’t heard about the social media campaign, she certainly seemed more than open to taking on the role. Schafer also revealed that she’s very familiar with the franchise, as she’s played it quite a bit!

Of course, there’s no official word on any live-action Legend of Zelda adaptation, but rumors have persisted for years. Whether a project actually comes together remains to be seen, but if something does get greenlit, it looks like fans know who they want as Zelda!

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2y ago

Live action Zelda would be bad thing and I wish people would stop asking for something even akin to that.


2y ago

Who? Never her of her before. Trying to picture her as Zelda doesn't work for me. I hear her favourite bar is "Bounty" and she's got "Hunter" in the name, sure, give her the role of Samus Aran. Logic? Who needs it?

Look, I won't pretend it wouldn't be fun to see what a live-action Zelda show would look like, but even I know it needs to be animated--if it exists at all.


2y ago

I wish I could block ticktok

cheesus 2

2y ago


Live action Zelda TV show would be the worst thing ever honestly.