Sven: Completely Screwed goes nuts on Switch today

This guy's got a screw loose

10 August 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Get ready for pure unadulterated woolly lust as “Sven - Completely Screwed” is the first main spin-off of the series in 16 years, and it’s launching on Switch today.

Sven, the sheep with a lust for life and an insatiable desire for adventure, returns in this vivid and epic 3D comeback. Play Sven the Ram in the usual way, by trying to please all the ewes in the pasture! Ofcourse, huge pressure has built up after such a long time.

The horizontal mambo is danced in over 25 different positions, pumpkins are rammed, and asparagus is both planted and plucked. After all, it’s not only Sven who has needs after all this time. The ewes are all too eager to sheepishly shag, prance and posture. But, you need to proceed with caution. Some ewes need to be seduced and cajoled to get in the mood. It’s been 16 years after all!

But, that’s not all that awaits fans! Imagine what fun it is to play Sven with up to four friends in multiplayer mode! Goofy giggles and uproarious laughter are guaranteed as you ram your way through the pastures and squabble over prized sheep. But beware, the competition is strong and the going is always tough.

“We wanted to make the gaming experience even crazier and thought: the more sheep, the better, right?” the developers tell us with a mischievous grin. “The new added facets and multiplayer mode enable fans to enjoy the game with friends and experience an absolute baa, I mean maa-rathon!”

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