Zombie Soup shambles over to the Switch today

You know what? I'm not hungry...

10 August 2023
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Publisher Astrolabe Games and developer AeonSparx Interactive have announced that Zombie Soup is coming to Switch today.

So you want to know what’s in Zombie Soup?

Of course the main ingredient would be some awesome top-down twin-stick shooting with a moderate amount of the cliche “damsel in distress” story, add a pinch of puzzle-solving, sprinkle some classic hack-and-slash actions, and stir with all the deadly zombies and god-knows-what creatures, resulting in a satisfyingly intense and exciting gameplay experience!

Developed by AeonSparx Interactive from Malaysia, Zombie Soup won third place in the “PC Indie Pitch” and was also nominated for several awards, including Best Game Design, Best Technology, and Best Audio, in the “Level Up” competition.

The Background: In a Crooked Little Town…

Welp! Ricky’s graduation trip took an unexpected turn when he arrived in this town, only to discover that its inhabitants had been turned into zombies!??

In order to rescue Ashley, a young girl he had also just met in this unfamiliar town, Ricky strolled into (or is thrown into?) an unexpected adventure, with the help of a mysterious talking skull named MC Skully. Waiting for him will be hordes of zombies, intricately designed challenges, and ridiculously tough bosses with some of the most absurd abilities.

The Combat: LOCK N’ LOAD!

Who knows! This town seems like a mega-arsenal!

Whether you are a cool-headed sniper, close-quarters combat specialist, or grandmaster explosive engineer, you’ll find plenty of fun in Zombie Soup. We have not only gathered “conventional firearms” such as rifles, sniper rifles, SMGs, shotguns, etc., but also a ton of melee weapons like machetes, axes, daggers… And, of course, there are explosives, too. In addition, we have also designed a wide variety of offbeat, special “weapons”—nail gun, pitching machine, fireworks launcher, and even railgun! So you can be armed to the teeth to brave the horde of zombies.

And there is more to it—Ricky will encounter many carefully designed timed challenges throughout the adventure in addition to boss fights. Those challenges are TOUGH! However, upon completion, you will be able to unlock more powerful weapons. Remember, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger—the harder the challenge, the stronger the reward!

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