Believe it or not, Necroboy: Path to Evilship was announced for Switch back in Sept. 2022, and the original plan was for the game to arrive that same month. Now we’re nearly one year later, and the game still isn’t out. Thankfully, Gravity Game Arise has confirmed that those looking to snag this title can do so on Aug. 31st, 2023.

Follow young necromancer NecroBoy and his recently resurrected servant, Lackey! Well, they might disagree on the term servant. Even on the name Lackey. It won’t prevent them to learn from one another - the motivations of NecroBoy and his path of Evil being the catalyst that will tie their fates together.

Using his dark powers, NecroBoy’s brings his NecroMinions back to life to do his bidding and solve puzzles to venture forth into the crypt of his infamous hero, NecroMan!.

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