Gravity Oddity, the gravity-bending space action roguelike from developer Invincible Cat, aims its lasers for launch on Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2023 on Nintendo Switch.

The world appears to be turned upside down when gravity suddenly goes missing. People are floating away and the future’s looking grim before Rio Grande, a mega corporation known across the galaxy, steps in and creates gravity boots to restore balance and solve the unforeseen loss of gravity. With the boots strapped on, people can live a grounded life, and all seems well again in the universe!

That is until your roommate, Gary, vanishes and he still owes half of the rent! Gary was working on his own upgraded version of the gravity boots. Could this have something to do with his disappearance? It’s time to find out! Strap on a pair of gravity boots, pick up a laser gun, and rescue Gary (and most importantly, not be kicked out by the landlord).

Armed with the teleport gun, the ultimate universe-saving weapon, collect mods scattered across the galaxy to up the weapon’s power and create an arsenal of skills that match your style of play. Deploy a zero-gravity jetpack to blast into the air and close long distances against Rio Grande’s forces. Zap villainous foes while teleporting around attacks and other planetary debris. Explore space to defeat bosses and find the coordinates to Rio Grande’s HQ, and free Gary!

As a roguelike, death means starting over from the beginning, but thankfully Gravity Oddity features permanent abilities and unlockable content to improve the odds on future runs. Choose which ships to raid carefully and discover stackable mods to become more powerful, but each encounter adds additional risk to the run. Secrets exist throughout the galaxy, but not always in the same location…

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