Today Merge Games and developer RainyGames are excited to reveal a brand-new trailer for farming and life sim ‘SunnySide’! Meet the neighbours as SunnySide reveals some of the 30+ characters that you can meet, befriend or romance, each with their own personalities, likes and dislikes. With a deep and nuanced social system, players can build a unique relationship with each resident in the cozy town of SunnySide.

Visit local hangouts, build relationships and more, all while running your farm and building your perfect forever home. SunnySide is an innovative farming and life simulation set in a small diverse Japanese town with deeper stories to uncover.

Speaking on relationship building in SunnySide, studio co-founder Sydney Stockdale said “There are about 30 named NPCs, and 24 of those are potential romance options. Every named NPCs has a personality type, likes, dislikes, preferred activities, schedules, jobs, routines, families, back stories, and some will even have specific dating preferences” she continued. “Players will be offered a wealth of options to customize their experience throughout the game, but the relationship system provides tons of unique characters, stories, and perspectives.”

You’ve purchased your first plot of land in an aging post town in the heart of the Japanese countryside. Now, it’s up to you to create a homestead to be proud of.

Modernize your farming experience with new technology that brings the classic farming sim genre to the 21st century. Build solar panels, electric water pumps, irrigation systems and more! That means you’ll have plenty of time every day to go hang out with your friends in town.

With a focus on individuality, you will be provided with unique opportunities that allow for creative freedom and self-expression.

Your avatar, homestead, and even your in-game cell phone can all be tailored to your preferences and desires. Place your home and customize your farm layout however you want! There are plenty of decorations, clothing styles, and hair options to enjoy on your journey of self-discovery.

While a quiet life in the countryside is nice, not everything in SunnySide is perfect. The locals have distinct personalities and stories, and everyone seems to be working through some kind of issue in their lives.

Befriend the locals, support the town economy, and decide what kind of neighbor you want to be.

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