FREESTYLE Inc. is proudly announcing its Switch title, OBAKEIDORO!, is celebrating its 4th anniversary! `OBAKEIDORO!, a tag game of 3 humans vs 1 monster with 3 min. time limit. For humans, if they are not captures for that time period, humans win, where the monster needs to capture all 3 humans with limited time to win. OBAKEIDORO!s setting is very kawaii atmosphere with little spooky taste, so everyone can play and love!

OBAKEIDORO! is known as Nintendo Game Trial title for Halloween 2022. So, some of you might have tried the game back then. Kats Tanaka, the producer of OBAKEIDORO! continues, `To celebrate the 4th anniversary, we would like to make 3 things available for you! :

1- Limited-time Event “The 3rd OBAKEIDORO! Party Blitz!” Kicks off on Thu, Aug 10, at 16:00 (JST)!

2- Download version will be on “SALE with 50% OFF” from Fri, Aug 4, at 0:00 – Wed, Aug 24, at 23:59(JST)

3-“Character DLC Bundle 4” & “ Character DLC Bundle 5” Released at Nintendo eShop!

With new event map, you will be able to play with max of 8 persons, where usually allows only 4 persons. For humans, thieves’ new action zip-line, which allows the user to make a big move to have more refreshing feels. For monsters, the new skill only available with this new event, Soul warp, allows the monsters to move to the jail at once to capture humans around.

The thrilling game of tag has become even more powerful with a greater number of people! We have some characters only available during the event, too. Please enjoy!` Kats said with his smiling face.

“The 3rd OBAKEIDORO! Party Blitz!” Kicks off!:

The contents of “The 3rd OBAKEIDORO! Party Blitz!” will allow the players to play with 2 Monsters and 6 Humans for a limited time!

【Event Period】

Thu, Aug 10, 2023, at 16:00 – Sun, Sep 1, 2023, at 23:59 (JST). The exclusive map and limited rewards only during the event are available! Stay tuned for OBAKEIDORO! ever experienced before!

The limited map with 2 Monsters vs 6 Humans is a big mess with a lot of fun!?

For both Monsters and Humans, teamwork is the key to the victory!

Run away from Monsters using mini chandeliers!!

New skills are available to only Monsters with certain map!?

The gorgeously renovated “House of Greed” is still under construction!?

Stamp card exclusive to Party Blitz! You can get rewards by collecting stamps. Map Release Schedule will be altered during Party Blitz!

“Character DLC Bundle 4” & “ Character DLC Bundle 5” Released at Nintendo eShop!

Thief Hans and Thief Mel will change their outfit and uses Imperial Lantern

Officer Lizzy and Officer Draco will change their outfit and start chasing!

Download version will be “50% OFF” at Nintendo eShop now! Download version “OBAKEIDORO!” is now 50% OFF for a limited time from Fri, Aug 4, at 0:00 – Wed, Aug 24, at 23:59(JPT). Take this great opportunity to play “OBAKEIDORO” that you can enjoy with your friends and family.


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