Punch Club 2: Fast Forward recently released and Lazy Bear Games and tinyBuild couldn’t be more thrilled with the reception they’ve received so far. Since launch the team has been gathering player feedback and has announced some changes that have been rolled out to make progress in Punch Club 2: Fast Forward that much faster alongside a host of quality-of-life changes.

The new update specifically made adjustments to neurotraining, story progression, and GPP gain. You can check out some of the details below:

Neurotraining is now 25% cheaper, making it an easier alternative to traditional training and helping diversify how players strengthen their fighters.

Progression through the story in the Police Station and Mick’s Old House has also been significantly sped up, meaning players shouldn’t experience too drastic a slowdown there.

GPP gains have been adjusted to be more balanced. Players should notice an uptick in GPP when they win to help with progression through the league, but they’ll also lose more GPP when they come up short.

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