Many people have been wondering what MercurySteam, the lead dev on Metroid Dread, is going to follow that game up with. While we still don’t know what they’re toiling away on, we do know that they’re hard at work on not one, but two games.

According to MecurySteam’s latest fiscal year report, the developer has “two large undisclosed titles” in the works. Absolutely no details were given on either game, so anything you hear out there about these titles is pure speculation.

There have been talks in recent weeks about MecurySteam potentially working on a follow-up to Metroid Dream, but again, that’s nothing but speculation. Should any official details come out on these two projects, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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10M ago

I think a really obvious guess is some kind of Super Metroid remake, but I think I'll be excited for whatever it is they're making, based on how much I enjoyed Metroid Dread.


10M ago

Fingers crossed for a Fusion remake.


10M ago

Metroid 6 and Metroid 7 hopefully.

I think this is the guess I most want to happen.