PlatinumGames has been sharing dev blogs for Bayonetta 3 ever since the game launched, and today they’re back with yet another installment, and this one focuses on the game’s sound effects.

Today’s dev blog was put together by Yasuhiro Naka, sound designer for Bayonetta 3. According to Naka, the development team was tasked with accurately recreating the sound of cityscapes and atmosphere of each country represented. Naka made it his personal goal to emulate the feel of these countries through the sound design.

Unfortunately, the real world was in the midst of struggling through the sudden rise of the COVID-19 pandemic during production… If this hadn’t been the case, Naka would have loved to have visited the actual countries and experienced the various sounds firsthand to help in the game’s stage production.

To see how Naka and the team overcame these hurdles, check out the full blog here.

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