Gravity Circuit came to Switch recently, giving Mega Man fans something to really sink their teeth into. Those who’ve checked the game out have fallen in love with it, and many have been wondering if there would be a physical Switch release at some point in time. Unfortunately, the answer on that remains a bit nebulous.

The dev team behind Gravity Circuit has been fielding some fan questions, and one of them pertained to the potential of a physical release. According to the devs, any decisions about physical versions would have to come from the publisher, PID Games. In other words, there’s nothing to share about a physical release at this time.

What there is talk of is a post-launch feature that’s being considered. The devs noted that a level editor was dropped from the initial release simply because it requires more work before it’s in an acceptable state for public use. All of the game’s levels were made with said editor, but it has enough quirks or peculiarities that made it unsuitable for release.

In interest of getting the game out sooner, the level editor became a post-launch feature the team is trying to get done at one point or another. As of now, it’s TBD when it would become available.


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