The 2023 Pokémon World Championships are underway as of today, and some of the pros in attendance are finding out the hard way that Pokémon Co. isn’t messing around.

A number of Pokémon Scarlet/Violet pro players have taken to social media to announce that they’ve been eliminated from tournament play due to the use of hacked Pokémon. While this might seem like a cut-and-dry case for elimination, some players feel Pokémon Co. is being a bit too harsh.

Anyone playing Pokémon Scarlet/Violet is supposed to obtain their Pokémon roster through legitimate play or trades, but some players have used hacking tools to create the lineup they want. The Pokémon they add to their roster have legit stats and aren’t using tricks to get impossible abilities, but they weren’t obtained through normal gameplay methods. Pokémon Co. sees these Pokémon as illegitimate, so the players have been removed from the tournament.

While fans can argue the decision all they want, I think we can all agree that it’s not surprising to see Pokémon Co. take things this seriously. At the very least, budding players now know that their rosters better be fleshed out with legitimate captures/trades going forward.


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10M ago

I don't know what these players are expecting. If you take a shortcut instead of going through the hard work others did, why would you expect anything less than disqualification?


10M ago

I'm just glad Nintendo proper stays out of these competitive scenes.


10M ago

I'm surprised and curious as to how they are checking hacked mons, as far as many say, it's very hard to detect hacked mons from real ones, unless you are a newbie doing so.

That said, I'm also surprised because similar strict checks weren't as common in the old days, with gens 3 to 5 being notoriously pro-cheat, since back then having good competitive mons would be arduous and time-consuming.

Come more recent generations and getting the perfect competitive mon takes a matter of hours, to be honest hacking has lost relevance in that regard, which I'm thankful since it not only has accessibility upsides, but levels the playing field, now I don't feel cheated if I suspect my opponent hacked their mons, because they don't have much of an advantage I can't fight against anymore.


10M ago

Finally, they really need to put not only a foot down but a massive banwave on that kind of stuff, it has ruined online play for the last couple of releases making atleast me not even touch the online battles.
Example them having teams with items you would get after a lot of grind, and also pokemon fully trained, literally day 2 post release is very much cheating, like ive been able to get the game physical the day before and played 12h+ a day and not being able to keep up to that kind of stuff, which is really ruining the fun of being early to the endgame. Also the attitude that it's ok is way to widespread, like I recall founding a judge streaming vgc in the sun and moon days, and even he was promoting hacking the team which is just so wrong.


10M ago


Actually gen 4 and i think 5 as well you just put the DS clock on a good time and started the game on the right second to get the perfect iv mon, "easy"(some learning curve) to do for everyone and no extra software/hardware needed.


10M ago

Getting the perfect team takes DOZENS of hours so I understand anyone who wants to cut down on this BS.
I, for one, would've liked to partake in more Tera Raids but those high tier battles were impossible without putting in more effort than I wanted to. I just wanted to have a couple of fun online battles without having to mindlessly grind forever.


10M ago

WTF? Really, if you want to see good pkmn battles, let us do what we want, cause the game is OURS, we're the ones who play, and ir we build our teams in 1 min and spent 100h 4 try It and make them work, it's our style, they dont have to say us nothing. It's the other players fault if they can't or not know about do the same. Pkmn is been a fkng joke


10M ago


if you couldnt catch it in the game legit, you never played the game to begin with, and deserve no tournament play.. you didnt play the game at all, you used cheats to make the perfect pokemon that isnt doable within the parameters they gave you to start with.. if you want a lvl 100 with perfect ivs.. play the game damn non stop til u can work a mon to that point, they know full well the game isnt handing out a level 100 pokemon with perfect stats before a certain point of a game.. taking a shortcut is cheating the game and other players who actually played and got their pokemon stats legitly