It seems that the Pokémon Company is teasing that news for the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet DLC will drop on August 22nd.

Several Pokémon Content Creators including Serebii have received a package from the company with the DLC’s logo emblazoned upon it as well as the date of August 22nd, 2023.

What’s in the box? According to Joe Merrick of Serebii it contains a traditional Japanese Tea Set.

Considering the first part of the DLC takes place in the very traditional Japanese inspired region of Kitakami, this makes sense.

To throw in my own speculation, considering there is already a living tea Pokémon in Sinistea and Polteageist maybe this has something to do with them. A regional variant or new evolution based on Japanese tea as opposed to British tea would make sense, but again, that’s purely speculation on my part.

We’ll have to wait until August 22nd to see where this is all going and we’ll be sure to report back to you when we find out.

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