Red Dead Redemption's Switch file size revealed

Pony up for a microSD card

12 August 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 2

The lion’s share of talk around Red Dead Redemption has been about the game’s $50 price tag. That’s not a debate that’ll end anytime soon, but for just a minute, let’s put that aside and shift over to another important aspect of the upcoming Switch release; the file size.

While Red Dead Redemption is going to get a physical release on Switch, it’ll also be available digitally on August 17th, 2023. There’s no doubt plenty of people plan to go the digital route on this one, and today we’ve got details on the game’s file size.

While it’s not an incredibly beefy game in terms of file size, it’s still one that’ll take up a decent chunk of your Switch’s internal storage. Plan ahead, as Red Dead Redemption will need 11.5 GB of space if you plan on downloading.

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10M ago

What are the odds the publisher opted for a 8GB cart w/mandatory download? Or maybe even the 4GB cart instead? If they went with the 16GB cart and put the whole game on there, I’ll check this game out. Never played it before. But not until it hits sub-$30.


10M ago


The cover of the box GameStop has doesn't list any additional download, so let's hope no additional download. Its something, but I imagine doesn't mean too much since the boxes for Batman trilogy and MGS collection also don't list a download, and I'd be shocked if neither of those had one