The Super Mario Bros. Movie is one of the year’s biggest films, and by a wide margin. The animated feature has been an astronomical success, and that popularity continues with the film’s release on streaming services. There’s no doubt Nintendo is incredibly happy to have their lackluster cinematic history very far behind them now, but it looks like Japan isn’t quite ready to forget.

The 1993 live-action Super Mario Bros. movie will be turning 40 years old on September 15th, 2023, and fans in Japan will have a wonderful way to celebrate. Believe it or not, that same live-action movie is going to see a limited re-release in Japanese cinemas, and it’s coming with a 4K revamp as well.

We’re honestly not sure how all of this has come together, but the end result is a chance to see this cult classic in theaters once more. Now let’s keep fingers and toes crossed that the same thing happens in movie theaters across the globe!

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