As we mentioned a few days back, the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles franchise is celebrating its 20th anniversary. It all started with the original title on the GameCube, which paved the way for all sorts of spin-offs and spiritual successors across many Nintendo platforms over the years.

What we haven’t seen from the FFCC franchise in quite some time is a brand-new installment, and no one is more aware of this than series producer, Akitoshi Kawazu. In honor of the franchise reaching 20 years, Kawazu put together a special message to fans who are celebrating, and also hoping that we’ll see a new installment sometime in the future.

While specifics aren’t shared, Kawazu does say that those hoping for another FFCC title will have their wish granted sometime down the road. You can see his full comments on the matter below. (h/t Nintendo Everything)

It’s the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Personally, I feel regret for not being able to satisfy the fans who have been holding out hope for an all-new FFCC game. While there’s so much I’d like to do, I just can’t find the time to do it all. I know that the characters deserve to shine again, yet I’ve been unable to provide them with another adventure. They’re eager to set out to discover the true meaning of the crystals’ blessing, and much like those of us who were cooped up at home for the past few years, they could only gaze up at the skies above their respective towns, day after day. But new trials do await them – ones from which they will grow stronger. Please trust that one day, a brand-new chapter will be added to their adventure.

[Akitoshi Kawazu]

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10M ago

I'd love a new Crystal Chronicles game, but the remake they recently made was definitely not the way to revive it. I can't believe it didn't even have couch co-op.