Not that long ago, Nintendo and Universal had teamed up to put on a special drone show to welcome The Super Mario Bros. Movie into theaters. Just a few months later, another Nintendo-related drone show has popped up, and this one’s even more impressive.

Pokémon Co. had an incredibly huge weekend over in Japan, as they were running the 2023 Pokémon World Championships. The tournament itself offered plenty of action for Pokémon fans to enjoy, but there were plenty of other activities for people to take in when the tournament was done for the day.

One of those activities was a nighttime drone show that put multiple Pokémon on display. You can see that drone show in full via the tweet above, and it’s a real sight to behold. While seeing perfect Pokémon imagery in the sky is impressive on its own, this show actually features some rudimentary animation through synchronized movements of the drones. The result is one of the most impressive drone displays to date!

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