GAME’s Ultimate Pokémon hunt has arrived just in time for the summer holidays, which will give Pokémon fans the chance to unlock limited edition merchandise… if they can find the location and unlock the prizes.

The Ultimate Pokémon Hunt- how it will work

GAME has announced that their Ultimate Pokémon Hunt will take place across six secret store locations in the UK this August, between the 21st of August and the 2nd of September.

The hunt will take place at each location for one day only, giving true fans limited time to get their hands on the prizes that are worth £100’s.

It’s not one Pokémon fans want to miss, with the prizes including the Pokémon Arceus V Star Ultra Premium Collection, an exclusive collection to GAME in the UK.

The secret locations are:

Edinburgh Brighton Belfast Manchester Oxford Street Birmingham

Follow the clues on GAME’s socials

To take part, fans must keep an eye out for clues across GAME’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts:

  • The night before the hunt, GAME will release a hint as to which city the store is located in
  • On the day of the hunt, GAME will release a hint as to which specific store in the city the hunt will take place at

Once fans think they know which store the hunt is taking place at, they should head down during opening hours. Here they will then need to approach a store assistant at the till where they will express their interest in taking part- and now here’s the catch…

Brush up on your Pokémon trivia to win

To unlock the prizes available, fans must answer a Pokémon-specific question which will be asked to them directly in-store and will not be released online beforehand. Fans must then answer this question correctly in order to unlock one of the prizes available.

This hunt is suitable for Pokémon fans of all ages. For those taking part, you could get your hands on:

  • Pokemon Arceus V Star Ultra Premium Collection- an exclusive collection worth £89.98 starring Arceus V and Arceus VSTAR as pure metal cards and a stack of 15 booster packs + much more!
  • Pokemon TCG: Scarlet & Violet Elite Trainer Box- worth £49.99
  • Pikachu Audio Band Headphones- worth £14.99
  • Pokemon 8 Inch Charmander Plush- worth £13.99
  • Pokemon Battle Figures- worth £7.99
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