Japanese hardware/software sales for July 2023 detailed

Another month of Nintendo domination

14 August 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 2

With July firmly behind us, there’s been more than enough time to crunch the numbers for game sales around the world. Today, we have the breakdown of both hardware and software sales in Japan for July 2023. Let’s kick things off with the top 10 physical game sales of last month.


Once again, the Switch absolutely dominated the top 10, losing just one place to a PS5-exclusive title. With the Switch 6+ years old at this point, you know Nintendo couldn’t be happier to see their hardware and software still killing it like this.

We also have the data on hardware sales in Japan for July 2023, which are as follows:

  • Switch sold 407,000 units across standard, Lite, and OLED systems combined
  • PS5 sold 243,000 units

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Comments (2)


10M ago

If there was one game to break the Switch supremacy in the Japan charts, I'm not surprised it's a Final Fantasy game. Still great to see Pikmin at the top!


10M ago

Your scathing hatred of remakes is really showing in this post, fyi.