Nintendo to be part of the Investment Summit at PAX

Indie devs, here's your chance to meet up with Nintendo!

14 August 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Nintendo certainly showed love to indies during the Wii and DS era, and that appreciation has only grown as the years rolled on. With the Switch, Nintendo has shown major support to various indie devs across the world, and that relationship is only set to grow bigger with today’s announcement.

We now know that Nintendo is going to be a part of the Investment Summit at PAX this month. The goal of this event is to help publishers meet up with indie developers to check out their games and potentially set up some publishing deals or partnerships in general. There’s no doubt with new hardware on the horizon, Nintendo will be looking extra closely this year.

The Investment Summit at PAX will take place at the Seattle Convention Center on Thursday, August 31st, and more than 60 game developers have signed-up to the event. The event is headline sponsored by Hello Neighbor publisher tinyBuild.

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