UK hardware/software sales for July 2023 detailed

What was hot in the UK last month?

14 August 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

We just shared the hardware and software sales for July 2023 in Japan earlier today, and now it’s time to follow up with the same data for the UK! Let’s start things off with the top 10 digital/physical titles in the UK for last month. Please remember that Nintendo doesn’t report digital data, which certainly impacts their standing in charts like this.


Along with that, we have details on the hardware sales in the UK for July 2023 as well. We don’t have specific numbers to share, but we do have details on chart placement and more.

  • PS5 took #1, and sales for the platform are up 68% year-to-date
  • Switch was #2, and sales were down 15% in July compared with the month before
  • year-to-date, Switch sales are down 8.5% for the first seven months of the yea
  • Xbox X/S came in third and saw sales slide 12% in July compared with June
  • year-to-date, Xbox console sales are down 22.8%

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