Publisher Ratalaika Games has announced that they’re bringing Embraced by Autumn to the Switch on August 18th, 2023. The game will be priced at $19 and takes up 628 MB of space.

Embraced by Autumn is a cute romance visual novel with four heroines set in an all-girls’ boarding school in France in 1896 featuring a crossdressing male protagonist. Marcel is bullied relentlessly by the boys at his fancy Parisian school, who all seem determined to make his life miserable.

Fearful for her son’s welfare, Marcel’s mother sends him to a school in Myennes, which is deep in the French countryside. The catch, however, is that this is an all-girls’ boarding school! Now, Marcel has to act and dress like a girl to avoid rousing his new classmates’ suspicions.

Marcel expects the worst, so he’s surprised to discover that his new classmates all seem to be fond of him. Marcel meets four girls who express an interest in him: the quiet, inscrutable Luce; the fiery troublemaker, Claudine; the elegant pianist, Celine; and the class dunce, Mirabel.

Which girl will he develop the strongest bond with?

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