The skies are clear for a perfect landing as the top-down action adventure Black Skylands launches on Switch today. Following an extended Early Access run on Steam, Black Skylands brings an action-packed world to explore, powerful enemies to encounter, and a story that will stay with players long after the credits roll. Help Eva, a young pilot, protect her homeland from blood-thirsty pirates and build one of the best airships Aspya has ever seen.

Embark on an exhilarating adventure in the vibrant, pixel universe of Black Skylands. With four major updates during its Early Access phase, the game has enriched its storyline and elevated the player’s experience. Brace yourself for an expansive open world packed with endless surprises and hidden treasures. Accompany Eva and her loyal moth Luma, on their journey through farms, deserts, and infected lands as they strive to protect the floating islands. They could use all the help they can get!

With a unique blend of genres, Black Skylands features ship-on-ship combat, top-down shooter, exploration, and a crafting system. Each player is sure to have their own experience as they can choose to modify their airship and weapons to best suit their playstyle. From crossbows to rocket launchers, there are plenty of weapons and ship upgrades for players to discover.

Main Features:

Fight in the skies and on land: Combine aerial and ground fighting tactics by using dozens of upgradeable weapons from your arsenal.

Obtain technologies and abilities: From a time stopper to a stationary turret, get all technologies to upgrade your equipment and find unique amulets that will give you passive and active abilities.

Improve your ship: A maneuverable sloop, a spacious barge, or something in between — choose the airship that fits your playstyle.

Save the inhabitants of Aspya: Free the islands and help restore them after pirate attacks.

Explore an expansive open world: Travel through forests, farms, snowy lands, deserts, and the Eternal Storm ruins, and discover things no one has ever seen.

Go on raids to test yourself: Finished the main storyline? Take on tons of different challenges, destroy hordes of enemies, and get unique rewards.

Gather resources and upgrade your flying base: Create powerful artifacts, tinker in the workshop, and construct buildings

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