Ugly gets Sept. 14th, 2023 Switch release date, new trailer

How about unconventionally beautiful?

15 August 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Graffiti Games and Team Ugly are excited to announce that Ugly, the dark and twisted single-player puzzle platformer, will launch on Sept. 14, 2023 for Switch. Check out the latest release date trailer, featuring a taste of the spine-chilling original soundtrack composed for the game.

In Ugly, you’ll progress through challenging puzzles and take on fearsome bosses as you unravel the secrets of a wicked world. Jump in and out of the shadows using Ugly’s unique mirror mechanic, using your reflection to swap places, solve puzzles, and reveal the nobleman’s darkest secrets. The truth is waiting to be discovered - and sometimes - the truth is Ugly.

Key Features

Intense Challenges - Overcome enormous bosses and tricky puzzle rooms using Ugly’s innovative mirror mechanic, delivering a satisfying mix of skill and strategy.

Mind-Bending Puzzles - Face a wide range of puzzles, some of which can be solved in a variety of ways, to unlock new pieces of the story. Solve them all to reveal the full picture, and unlock an alternate ending by overcoming hidden puzzle rooms!

Secrets Lie Everywhere - Ugly is full of hidden rooms and secret hints about your tragic past waiting to be discovered… do you dare to find them all?

An Ugly World - Experience a dark fairy tale brought to life with stunning visuals, detailed animations, and plenty of interactable elements.

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