For every element and feature that ended up in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, there’s plenty of others that got scrapped, tweaked or completely revamped. Thanks to the latest feature from Did You Know Gaming, we’ve learned about one more element that was in the works, but ended up morphing into something else.

While DYKG was doing research, they found a classic interview with Shigeru Miyamoto concerning a character that didn’t make the final cut in Ocarina of Time. Miyamoto originally planned to have a character named Hobbit who would be something of a storyteller. Link would be able to visit Hobbit to hear lore of Hyrule, and also purchase items.

Miyamoto went on to say that the development team ran out of time, which meant Hobbit couldn’t be implemented as intended. This led the team to taking the ideas for Hobbit and implementing them into the Deku Scrubs. As you no doubt know, the Deku Scrubs are not only a big part of Ocarina of Time, but an important line in the Zelda series in general. Looks like this adjustment of plans worked out for the best in the end!

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